Startup community meeting content

Third in a series about growing a startup community – see here for the first and second posts.

While planning the content for our monthly meetings for ‘Software Startups‘ group – we decided to follow an A & B format that’s quite popular with startup accelerator programs (without the ‘homework’). ‘A’ would be a learning component presentation from a practicing expert in the field and ‘B’ would be a ‘startup founder’ or principal of a startup that has already moved forward with  their venture. This portion would show the best practices (& mistakes) the entrepreneur experienced during their growth.

Since February, when we started CTDEVSTARTUP, we have (planned) had the following for each monthly meeting –

A). ‘Talent Management for Startups – how to hire and retain great employees’ – Christine Santacroce (MODIS).
B). Online SaaS Recreation Mangement – RecDesk – Mike Morris (Founder)

A). ‘Bootstrap financing your startup’ – John Seiffer (Better CEO)
B). Online education startup – ‘’ – Mark Lassoff

A). Special presentation by Eric Zeiberg (iSpeak4U) – mobile app for speech disabilities.

A). The Lean Startup Process for Mobile Apps – Bob Familiar (Microsoft)
B). Mobile Healthcare Startup – Applivate – John Fitzpatrick (CEO Applivate)

A). Legal Issues for the Early Stage Software Entrepreneur – Ben Wiles (Day Pitney LLP).
B). Startup ‘Sobrio’ : Designated Driver mobile app – Nadav Ullman and Tom Bachant (Sobrio co-founders).

A). Developing for the App Store, Mobile & BizSpark program – Allan Da Costa Pinto (Microsoft).
A). Business models & business planning – Jack Antonich (Univ. of Hartford Entrepreneurial Center).
B). From Code to Startup – Movid (winner of Startup Weekend Hartford 2012) with John Farrell & Team Movid

For future events, we plan to have ‘pitching’ and its judging by the audience (using forms with feedback that the pitcher can collect).


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