From software developer to software entrepreneur

Second in a series about growing a startup community – see the first post here…

SD-SE1During the 6th Annual Hartford Code Camp, I presented an informal session during the lunch break – ‘From software developer to software entrepreneur’. It was very well attended with 40+ software developers who were keen on learning more about the entrepreneurial side of software. This short session presented the various facets to consider when bringing a software product to the market and to learn more about the business side of things.

See the deck for presentation content – postcc6-softentstartup1

I was very much surprised by the number of attendees and their questions – it substantiated the premise that there is a demand out there from software developers who are considering (or are underway with) entrepreneurship in the region. This was also reflected in their responses in the session evaluation form which was mostly 5 out of 5 except for one who felt that I should ‘inspire’, ‘excite’ and ‘jazz up’ the audience. I guess I’ll have to buy a black mock turtleneck shirt.


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